Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order in 2020 sending mail-in ballots to every registered voter in California. What originally was marketed as a COVID “safety measure” is now California law with the passing of Assembly Bill 37 (AB 37).

It’s not a secret, lot of new regulations and mandates have been rolled under the guise of COVID safety or other COVID related reasons. 

There’s the big mandates we experience daily like… masks requirements and restrictions based on vaccination status. Then there are other moratoriums which may not have the same effect on all of us like evictions and rent increases.

AB 37 is especially shocking because the debate here in California around mail-in ballots has been a long standing issue. 

Some states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado have been doing mail-in ballots for years. In 2020 with the increase of COVID concerns, about half of the states allowed mail-in ballots.

While the pros for mail-in ballots are understandable… more time to concern candidates, possibly easier, less cost for voting centers, etc… we need to consider the highly debated cons and more importantly how quickly Californian politicians took a COVID “safety” protocol and turned it into law.

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