David Bramante for California Governor 2022
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I’m running against Newsom for California Governor 2022 because I want to make our lives better… by reducing our taxes, fees and restrictions.

The cost of living in California has gotten unbearably high -- All government fees and taxes need to be reduced or eliminated. This includes Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Franchise Tax Board Fees, DMV fees, and other business fees. Governor Gavin Newsom has used the State's surplus to pay for his special interests. The surplus should be used to balance the budget and reduce the government costs pushed onto the people. This will immediately help with affordability without cutting services.
There's a difference between keeping the public safe with honest law enforcement and touting 'defund police.' Californians are seeing an explosion in crime rates. This is because of Gov. Gavin Newsom's lack of foresight and pandering to his liberal cronies. I will make sure the streets are safer for California, while ensuring that law enforcement is responsible.
COVID Emergency Orders
We went from "14 days to flatten the curve" to Governor Gavin Newsom using fear to extend his power and control over Californians for almost two years. It's time to get government under control and end the emergency orders throughout California - including no more mask or vaccine mandates and blocking a vaccine passport.
California has nearly 25% of all homeless people in the United States here living on the streets. But I don't need to tell you that, you already see it. The real issue though is that there is a mental illness epidemic throughout California. I will make sure the streets are clean and safe, and make sure that those living on the streets are given the proper long-term support they need.

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